Your break times are remunerated

In the banking and insurance sector, every employee is entitled to take two 15-minute breaks every four hours, regardless of whether he or she is working from home or on site. The CBA Bank and insurance provide that they are all paid.

 Article L.211-16 of the Labour Code on rest time states that “one or more paid or unpaid rest periods may be envisaged in the event that the daily working time exceeds six hours”. However, the Collective Bargaining Agreements for the banking and insurance industries specify break times more clearly.

Article 31 of the CBA Bank provides for “15 minutes of rest for each continuous period of 4 hours of work in front of the screen”.

These breaks must be taken “during the third hour of service per four-hour period of input. It is up to the Manager in charge to decide whether to take a break together or in shifts,” the article states. In the event that the computer system is down due to a breakdown, “for 15 minutes or more between the end of the 2nd hour and/or during the 3rd hour of data entry, the rest time is not due”, it stresses. He adds: “in case of urgent work and at the request of a manager, the break can be “interrupted or partially postponed during the day”.

The same arrangement is provided for in Article 7 of the Insurance CBA.

These rest periods under both CBAs are considered as working time and are therefore paid. This rule also applies when teleworking.

It should be noted that every employee has the right to have an eye examination once a year and free of charge.

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