World Day for Decent Work: ALEBA calls for essential rights for essential workers

On October 7, we celebrate the World Day for Decent Work. ALEBA, in collaboration with UNI Global Union (, has chosen as its theme “Essential rights for essential workers”.

There is no fair economy in the aftermath of the pandemic that does not radically revalue essential work and the needs of essential workers.

In the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, many of the essential workers, who have kept our communities running during the pandemic, are overlooked or underpaid or do not have a secure employment contract. They provide care to the sick and elderly, they ensure that our communities stay fed, they make sure that our hospitals, airports, and other public spaces stay safe and sanitary. Other essential workers deliver packages and letters and ensure that essential financial services are available.

On the World Day for Decent Work, ALEBA and unions around the world are demanding “a new normal” for essential workers. Decent jobs mean that employers around the world must respect workers’ essential rights: a wage with dignity, safe jobs, union representation and essential status during times of crisis.