Withdrawal of ALEBA’s sectoral representativity by the Minister of Labour

On Tuesday May 4th, 2021, a Judge of Referral was simply to rule on the urgency or otherwise of the case and possibly suspend the decision of the Minister of Labour.

His role is not to go into the merits of the case, and he was therefore unable to determine the urgency of our request.

Our arguments have been referred to the Administrative Court, where three judges will have to decide after an in-depth analysis of the arguments presented.

This decision in no way prejudges the outcome of the case once the investigation is completed. Nothing has been decided in this case.

We are therefore very surprised, even shocked, by the early jubilant messages from our political union “partners”. They seem to be looking forward to a collapse of the trade union front that they themselves started and nurtured, by trying to push aside the leading trade union in the financial sector through discriminatory laws.

In the March 2019 social elections, almost 50% of the financial sector electorate gave us their trust. ALEBA will fight until the end to assert its representativeness and ensure that the democratic choice of the voters is respected.

Roberto Mendolia, President of ALEBA: “I would like to sincerely thank all the employees of the country who have understood our fight, which is not limited to ALEBA, but to trade union freedom throughout the country, and who, through their messages of support and confidence, support a trade unionism that respects the choice of the voters”.