Staff Delegation Elections of March 2019: call for ALEBA candidates

Are you someone who stands up for others? Try your hand at becoming an ALEBA representative!

▪ Are you a naturally empathetic, altruistic and team-oriented person who likes to help others?

▪ Do you want to play a more active role in shaping your workplace conditions and ensuring the well-being of your colleagues?

▪ Would you like to represent your colleagues’ interests and defend their rights before senior management?

▪ Are you interested in the development of your company?

▪ Do you want a say in collective bargaining agreements, and even represent financial sector employees before professional bodies and the Chamber of Employees?

Take part in your company’s staff representative elections in March 2019!

The first time they ran for a staff committee, most representatives were unsure of how they’d manage, and wondered whether they were really up to the task.  But they succeeded, because ALEBA representatives are never alone. They can count on the support of both their team and ALEBA – the largest union in the financial sector with more than 10,000 members and a strong network of more than 700 representatives. Remember that we’re not looking for superheroes, just people with a natural desire to help their colleagues and put the needs of others first.

The role of staff representative is a rewarding one. Your job is to monitor your company’s working and salary conditions, be aware of health and safety matters, hear your colleagues’ questions and complaints, and help find solutions and ways to implement them, all in accordance with the values that ALEBA has upheld for more than a century. Fill in the Declaration of candidate now and hand it in to your company’s ALEBA representatives or send it by email to


Until 31 December, recruit new members and benefit from our sponsorship action!

Please fill and sign this form and return it to us by mail or by email: ALEBA, 29 avenue Monterey, L-2163 Luxembourg |