You’re never far from an ALEBA delegate!

New awareness campaign “You’re never far from an ALEBA delegate!”

This is the slogan of the new campaign launching yesterday on our website to raise awareness of ALEBA in the financial sector, which also aims to the ALEBA delegates in the spotlight!

All visitors to our website (whether members or not) will be able to immediately see all ALEBA delegates within a certain radius, depending on their geographical location, postcode or address.

The aim is to provide a visual illustration of just how strong ALEBA delegates’ presence is in the financial sector – there’s always an ALEBA representative nearby!

With nearly 700 employee representatives at almost 150 companies across the financial sector in 2017, ALEBA remains uncontested the leading trade union in the financial sector.

In the run-up to its 100th anniversary, ALEBA is proud to present its delegates and demonstrate its massive presence in the field!


Luxembourg 27th September 2017.

Press contact:

Laurent Mertz, General Secretary ( / +352 621 232 295)

Sandra Carvalho, Head of Communications & Strategy ( / +352 671 223 228)