The truth about the salary increase in January 2022 for all bank employees

For reliable information and to avoid conflict with your employer, consult ALEBA, the reference trade union in the financial center.

As a reminder, it is thanks to ALEBA that the 1% increase in salaries of bank employees under CBA has been won.

Indeed, as of 2018, this increase was already part of the 2018 CBA that ALEBA negotiated as the voice of the trade union front, worthy of its status as the financial trade union leader, since the 1960s.

The renewal of the CBA for 3 years at the end of 2020 was the BASIC condition for ALEBA to consider signing after negotiations, which was officially announced when the agreement in principle obtained by ALEBA in the middle of the COVID crisis was published on 9 November 2020.

ALEBA has presented a list of claims in which almost ALL of the proposed wage demands were finally obtained: this shows the ALEBA’s century-long legacy of negotiating skills. Contrary to other shameless trade unions who do not hesitate to smear, to lie openly, even worse, promise the sun and moon, or to turn successes to their advantage, only to get, after much unnecessary noise, strictly what ALEBA had predicted.

ALEBA presents below the whole financial package we obtained IN ADDITION TO THE FULL RECONDUCTION of the 2018-2020 CBA:

– 1% guaranteed increase in 2021 for all employees still in the 8-year cycle;

– 1% guaranteed increase in 2022 and 2023 for all employees covered by the agreement, according to a distribution agreed between the social partners during the negotiations. Indeed, the 31st March 2021, ALEBA proposed a 1% linear increase for all employees under contract for the two years 2022 and 2023.

The final distribution agreed by all social partners was as follows:

  • In 2022: 0.7% linear for all contractual employees + 0.3% discretionary
  • In 2023: 0.5% linear for all contractual employees + 0.5% discretionary

To summarize, the 1% of the total wage bill to be redistributed to all employees covered by the agreement was obtained exclusively by the ALEBA and redistributed according to this principle in agreement with all parties.

By way of comparison, in another CCT where ALEBA was not invited exceptionally this year, following political maneuvering by other trade unions, the negotiations led to finally sign a symbolic 0.3%, where they were aiming to offer a 2% wage increase to their flock!

These same trade unions then criticized the negotiation methods and the 1% annual increase obtained by ALEBA for more than 26,500 employees in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Draw your own conclusions.

If you have not received this increase by January 2022, please contact your Staff Representatives or ALEBA as soon as possible!

[email protected]    or    (+352) 223 228-1

But that’s not all, it is to ALEBA that you owe the following:

  • Clarification of the article on the 26th day of annual recreation leave
  • 1 extra day of leave for all those over 45
  • 3 EUR (ind. 100) monthly for ALL employees who will, after the pandemic, be in regular telework (+- 26 EUR / month)
  • 5% of the payroll of the training budget for contracted employees for each of the years 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Loyalty bonus with higher scales
  • Higher start salary amounts
  • Guaranteed increase of 15 EUR (ind. 100) for any change of group (previously 10 EUR)
  • And so on…


In other words: ALEBA does not lie, ALEBA protects you first and ensures social peace.

ALEBA is the SINGLE APOLITICAL TRADE UNION in the sector, that does not change sides according to its personal interests.

ALEBA wants to defend 100% of its members, REGARDLESS OF THEIR SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT OR SECTOR, through the law, through serious and calm union work, guaranteeing all your successes, and all your guaranteed salary increases!