“The earlier we intervene, the more options we can offer you”

2021.05.17 photo Matthias Lindauer 1

Matthias Lindauer is a Legal Advisor since 2017.


Matthias Lindauer arrived at ALEBA in May 2017 and is a Legal Advisor in the Legal department. He tells us about his background and his job.

If you are a member or a delegate, you may have talked to him for a legal question. Matthias Lindauer is one of ALEBA’s lawyers. He holds a Master’s degree in public law from the Robert Schuman University in Strasbourg and a law degree from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The Franco-Belgian was a lawyer in Luxembourg for almost eight years.

In 2017, Matthias was looking for a professional reorientation because the Bar is not “adapted to family life”. ALEBA offered him a job that allows him to respect her. “I am always interested in defending people and the ‘weak’ party,” he says. When an employee asks him about a problem he has, he doesn’t give a simple answer. “You have to dig deeper, you have to ask why the employee asked the question,” he insists. Going further allows you to find the real problem and the appropriate solution.

What does he like most about his job? “To have the satisfaction of helping someone out of a bad situation” and to know that he or she has managed to bounce back.

He believes that the more union members there are, the stronger the unions will be and the more they will be able to “get things done“. Becoming a member of a trade union force “is important for you“, he stressed. To those who are still hesitant to join ALEBA, he says: “Don’t wait until your problem gets worse. The sooner we intervene, the sooner we can offer you  options. Encourage your friends to join because the more you are, the more ALEBA will have additional resources to respond to your requests quickly and efficiently” and for much less money than a consultation with a lawyer.

A history buff, runner and Pilates practitioner, Matthias loves travelling with his family and play board games.