Testimony of the ABLV Bank Luxembourg-Delegates

Advice, guidance, support, sharing of experience are part of the DNA of ALEBA and of the staff of the Trade Union Office. We therefore receive regular messages of thanks from members or delegates.

The recent testimony of the ABLV Delegates particularly touched us, because the situation was difficult and complex there and it took more than a year of work for the ALEBA teams to manage to negotiate and sign a social plan, in this closing business.

Thank you to the Delegates and to the ALEBA members for their trust!


“Dear Roberto, dear Aleba Team !

In the name of the colleagues at ABLV Bank, I would like to take the opportunity and thank you for accompanying us for more than a year in difficult times. Your help was very much appreciated even though or maybe especially because it was also unchartered territory for you to deal with such a situation. A warm thank you for that and particularly to those of you who were heavily involved in the case, first and foremost Carla, of course. We also have not forgotten that many other people were involved, for example Eddy, Sandra (the press release was a milestone!), Felix Walisch and Roberto himself + a couple of lawyers.

Thank you very much and best regards to all of you!”

Staff Delegation of ABLV Bank Luxembourg