Sixth negotiation meeting of the Bank CBA and the Insurance CBA

ALEBA informs that the sixth meetings for the renewal of the Collective Bargaining Agreements for employees of Banks and Insurance Companies were held respectively on Wednesday 03/31/2021 between ALEBA alone and ABBL, and this Friday 04/02/2021 between all the trade union partners and the ACA.

During the session between the ABBL and ALEBA, the latter had to regret incomprehensible political  maneuvers by the National Unions, which finally did not show up.

However, ALEBA did not waste its time and is pleased to announce major progress in the conclusion of a well-balanced, quality collective contract with significant improvements, taking into account the current situation.

All the demands in the ALEBA booklet were reviewed, and even other demands were proposed by ALEBA, important new demands which were retained by the ABBL.

More details will be communicated later. The ABBL will propose new dates to the social partners.

During this Friday’s session between all social partners and the ACA for the Insurance CBAs, only qualitative demands could be discussed.

At this stage no overall agreement has been reached. The next meetings are scheduled for 23 April and 4 May 2021.

Press release, April 2nd 2021.