Signing of a social plan at Natixis Wealth Management

Signing of a social plan at Natixis Wealth Management

After seven negotiation meetings, a social plan was signed on December 13, 2021 between the management of Natixis Wealth Management, ALEBA, OGBL Financial Sector,  LCGB together with the staff representatives.

As a reminder, Natixis Wealth Management is a French financial institution created in 2006 and part of the BPCE group.

Affected by repeated negative results from the “Wealth” business and in a demanding sector context, the bank has decided to completely reorganize its activities, starting with the elimination of a maximum of 26 positions.

As part of the social plan, employment retention measures together with social and financial support measures in favor of affected employees have been negotiated.

Thanks to the ongoing and persistent  involvement throughout the negotiations, the OGBL Financial Sector, its staff representatives, in partnership with ALEBA and LCGB, were able to negotiate an agreement taking into account social and financial aspects.

It covers, among other things, the payment of compensation, the payment of extra-legal compensation to which is added child related compensation, as well as an “outplacement” and / or training budget.

Despite the exceptional circumstances linked to the pandemic situation, negotiations went smoothly focusing on defending and protecting the interests of employees who will lose their jobs.

Communicated by ALEBA, the financial sector union of the OGBL and the LCGB on December 14, 2021