Signature of the new Collective Labor Agreements for Banks and Insurance Companies 2021-2023

Thanks to its excellent skills in listening, dialogue, respect and negotiation, ALEBA was able to put forward and support the vast majority of its ideas in the renewal of the 2021-2023 Banking and Insurance CLA. Thus, in negotiations based on constructive exchange between the various social partners, ALEBA, working for the best of the employees, was able to guide the discussions towards compromises taking into account the demands of each.

The agreement in principle discussed with ALEBA in November 2020, setting the minimum levels from which ALEBA could consider signing, were all reached.

All the gains of the previous agreement have been renewed (linear increases, 13th month, June bonus, double notice in case of economic dismissal, rest days and age-related leave, etc.).

It is therefore with great satisfaction that we inform you of the signing of the agreements for the renewal of the CLA Banks and Insurance on June 10, 2021, joint signatures achieved today for both the banking and insurance sectors.

We would like to thank our ALEBA delegates for their trust, those who represent us so well and who make our values vibrate in each company in which we are represented. Indeed, they have unanimously voted in favor of the renewal of the CLAs and have agreed to the signature. It is of paramount importance for ALEBA to obtain the opinion and support of all our delegates in the field in such steps.

ALEBA would also like to thank its social partners for the valuable exchanges that have taken place during these last months of intense work.

Press release, June 10th 2021