CLA POST Telecom signed


On Thursday 1st December, a new Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) was signed on behalf of 350 colleagues at POST Telecom S.A.

ALEBA is the main union within the Personnel Delegation, and thus Jim Schneider, Roberto Mendolia and Roland Christnach worked with delegates Daniel Wark, Cédric Steuer, Roberto Simoes and Patrick Reisdorff during the negotiations. The LCGB and OGB-L were also involved.

The agreement will run for two years taking effect from this year, 1st January 2016. It features a €70 gross salary increase for the majority of colleagues, and this will apply retroactively from the start of this year, 2016.

As part of these negotiations, management and the Negotiation Commission agreed on the objective of bringing the details of the POST Telecom CLA into line with those of the POST Luxembourg CLA. However, these two agreements are very different, and a lot of classification and analysis will be required if acquired benefits are to be maintained. The objective is to complete this work by the end of 2017.

This work will mean that our delegates will be very busy over the coming months, as the 1st December agreement is only the first (if nonetheless important) step.

Luxembourg, 6th December 2016