Second negotiation meeting of the CBA insurance

The second meeting for the renewal of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Insurance Company Employees took place on Friday January 15th, between ACA, ALEBA and the Ogbl-Lcgb trade union.

ALEBA presented its list of proposals and the financial and qualitative elements that this new CBA should contain, in a complicated context linked to the health crisis, without a clear perspective on the economic or social evolution of the financial sector. ALEBA shared this list of demands with everyone, while regretting that it was still awaiting the demands of the Ogbl-Lcgb trade union.

For ALEBA, it is essential to guarantee the maintenance of what has been achieved, particularly in terms of double notice periods, a 13th month’s, a conjunctural bonus, annual leave and rest days, extraordinary leave and access to enhanced training, in addition to maintaining the principles of remuneration and a triennial guarantee, for example. The 26th day of leave for employees  over 50 will also finally have to be granted to all.

The next meetings are scheduled for January 28th and February 10th and 26th.