Sandra Carvalho: “It is very important that delegates can count on me and feel supported at all times.”

I arrived in the Grand Duchy at the age of 8 and did all my schooling here, including two years at the University of Luxembourg. Then I went to Brussels to ICHEC where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economic and Financial Sciences, with an option in Marketing and Communication. In 2006, I started my professional career in a communication agency as a Client Consultant where I gained a lot of experience and skills.

Always having the need to learn and the ambition to develop my professional career, I started in 2008 a one-year professional training at the Chamber of Employees, thanks to which I obtained a master’s in marketing and Communication.

In July 2015 I had the opportunity to join ALEBA as Head of Communications & Strategy. With the support of Laurent Mertz, former Secretary General, I implemented several new projects that gave a new impetus to ALEBA’s Communication. One of them was the launch of e-newsletters to allow us to inform our members in a more regular and timely manner. In 2017, ALEBA YOUTH was created with the aim of rejuvenating our image, recruiting more young people, and raising their awareness of our cause right from university. During this period, we participated in the Salon de l’Etudiant and Moovijob and were able to recruit hundreds of young people. In 2018, I was lucky enough to be able to organize the 100 Years Ceremony of ALEBA at the “Cercle Cité” which was a memorable moment. A film on the 100 years was made on this occasion.

Then came the social elections at the beginning of 2019 and our team of Coordinators, guided by Felix Walisch, was short of manpower in the face of a workload that was increasing day by day. It was at this point that I switched to the Coordination on my own. For a very long time I was doing my two jobs in Communication and Coordination, until I decided, together with Roberto, that my real place was in Coordination.

Thanks to my legal colleagues and coordinators, Roberto, and Felix, I learned this job on the job. Gradually, they passed on to me their experience, know-how and knowledge in various fields, such as labour law, social law, social dialogue, coaching, collective agreements, negotiation, etc. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their trust. I am lucky to work at ALEBA with very human, sensitive people who are concerned with providing a quality service, respectful and always ready to listen. We are a close team and we look after each other. This is so rare today! Discover the portraits of my colleagues: Vera, Patrick, Carla, Elif, Charlotte, Eddy, Romain, Inès et Caroline.

The job of Coordinator is so diverse and rich in experience. Being a coordinator means assisting, accompanying, training, and listening to staff representatives; it means giving them the tools they need, while respecting social dialogue, to preserve the rights and defend the interests of employees. The principle of “no one is supposed to be ignorant of the law” also applies to staff delegates, but they cannot be expected to be legal experts. By being a member of a union like ours, they have direct and easy access to the necessary information and even to lawyers.

The challenge in my work as Coordinator is to succeed in establishing a relationship of trust with the delegates. It is very important that they can rely on me and always feel supported.

To disconnect, I enjoy good times with my family and friends, I love reading crime novels and Paulo Coelho’s books (such as The Alchemist) and I try to do sports at least twice a week. My greatest source of energy is my husband and my two boys, whom I love above all else.