Romain Augé, a former delegate at the members’ service

The ALEBA Coordination team expanded last September with the arrival of Romain Augé. Here is his portrait.

Romain Augé, 44 years old, holds a Master’s degree in foreign literature and civilisation (LCE English), obtained at the University of Nancy in June 2000. He joined the ALEBA Coordination team as Coordinator on 1st September. A French national living in Metz, this son of teachers spent around ten years of his childhood in French Polynesia and Reunion Island, giving him a good opening to the world from an early age.

After graduating, he began his professional career in England, where he lived for a total of five years. “An ideal way to become bilingual,” he says. He arrived in Luxembourg in early 2005, attracted by the cosmopolitan environment of the Grand Duchy. From then on, he held several back and middle office positions in various financial establishments in the country. He also became a staff delegate. “This was a revelation for someone who, like me, likes to be a shoulder and a support for my colleagues on a daily basis”, he admits.

Today, ALEBA allows him to develop professionally and combine his attraction for the financial world with a more human approach, an aspect often neglected in this sector. Within the dynamic and warm team that he describes as a “little family”, Romain brings his experience in the field as well as his ability to listen, his sense of caring and his good humour. These qualities are essential to the success of his work. He adds: “I try to communicate innovative ideas. Moreover, I make myself available to members and delegates when they have questions,” as he used to do when he was one of them.

Multilingual like all his colleagues, he enjoys working closely with the Legal Department. “It’s very enriching,” he says, “it allows me to develop my legal knowledge”, in addition to closely following Luxembourg social current affairs. This knowledge enables him to respond as accurately as possible to the issued he faces.

Joining ALEBA means being part of a strong and historic trade union, well established in the Luxembourg landscape, with a quality team. “It’s an association that puts solidarity first and foremost, a value that I totally identify with,” he emphasises.

Passionate about sport and football in particular (which he played a lot in his youth), he enjoys travelling, reading (especially detective novels), going to the cinema, taking care after his family and spending good times with friends.

Like the rest of the ALEBA team, Romain currently works mainly from home, but can be reached from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm via 223 228 1, or by email at

He is teamed up with Eddy Girardi in the Coordination Department, who is mainly in charge of relations with Members and Staff Representatives, under the direct responsibility of Roberto Mendolia, President of ALEBA.