Roberto Mendolia to lead ALEBA

ALEBA’s General Meeting was held yesterday evening (Tuesday, 18 June 2019), partly for the purpose of electing the union’s new President.

Roberto Mendolia was elected to serve as President of ALEBA for five years. Head of the Clearstream International staff delegation, he had already been a member of the Executive Committee and Vice-President of ALEBA since 2014.

Mr Mendolia is a deeply committed trade unionist who knows how to fight to defend employees’ interests. He demonstrated this once again in December 2018 when he took part in the negotiations on the latest redundancy plan at Clearstream, where he has been a staff representative for 15 years.

When asked about his objectives for the next five years, Mr Mendolia said: “To tirelessly fight all forms of discrimination and social injustice. For me, that’s vitally important. Of course, we must implement the campaign pledges ([email protected]) ALEBA made during the social elections last March. And we must never stop striving to defend employees’ job security and training, which remain among ALEBA’s top priorities.”

Mr Mendolia is 45 years of age, speaks multiple languages (FR/EN/IT/DE) and is also a sports enthusiast (football, mountain biking and running).

ALEBA’s new President will benefit from the support of Laurent Mertz, who is to serve a second term as Secretary General: “Roberto is deeply committed and bursting with energy. I am delighted that he’ll be leading ALEBA. Financial-sector employees will face major challenges in the years ahead; his expertise, practical experience and enthusiasm will be invaluable for ALEBA.”

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