Bank Collective Work Agreement renewal: Constructive exchanges and accelerated work

The unions ALEBA, OGBL-SBA, and LCGB-SESF, and the employers’ association ABBL, met on 9th February for their second plenary session to discuss the new bank employees’ collective work agreement.

The discussions ranged over broad themes as well as specific topics related to changes in how we work and live. Employability was touched upon, related to the need for training to deal with current and future challenges, both for the financial sector in general, and the banking industry in particular.

The unions’ list of demands was reviewed, and the ABBL made its first comments on these joint union proposals.

The social partners noted differences of opinion on a number of points, but nevertheless were able to work through each topic during the negotiations. The union group and employers’ association underlined their desire to modernise and simplify the collective agreement, adapting it to current and future realities faced by financial sector employees.

Four linked thematic working groups are being created. They will move quickly to set work parameters and meeting dates, before reporting progress to the next plenary session. All sides are keen to start discussing fundamental topics as soon as possible.

Luxembourg, 10th February 2017

Joint communiqué by ALEBA, OGBL-SBA, LCGB-SESF and the ABBL