Every year, ALEBA publishes a guide called “Votre déclaration d’impôts”, which will help you to fill in your tax return. This guide complements the information sessions on the subject organised by ALEBA during March each year, in French and German, and the advice given to each member by our tax experts. The “Votre déclaration d’impôts” brochures (in French) from previous years are available below in electronic format, and the 2016 edition (for income earned in 2015) will be available soon in French and German.

Also, since January 2016, ALEBA is working with Mr Eric Torzini, an insurance agent and tax advisor, to help members complete their tax declaration form. Mr Torzini has agreed to do this work free of charge, while offering personalised, complete tax advice services that will answer all your personal tax related questions. Contact him by phone on (+352) 621 135 126 or by email at torzini@agencefoyer.lu . You can arrange to meet at your workplace, at his offices in Esch-sur-Alzette and Leudelange, or in ALEBA’s offices in Luxembourg City.

NB: ALEBA is only acting as an intermediary to help put our members in touch with Mr Torzini, and ALEBA receives no remuneration or other commission from this work. ALEBA cannot be held responsible for the quality of services received.