Picket protest at NORDEA Bank announced

As you know, we have started negotiations for a social plan in NORDEA Bank and these have not led to any result. Indeed, we had to seize the Office National de Conciliation and a third and last meeting is planed for next Tuesday, June the 12th.

Given the seriousness of the situation, employees, personnel delegates of the bank and the three unions have decided to have a protest movement tomorrow, Friday the 8 of June in front of the NORDEA Bank ( 562, rue de Neudorf, L – 2220 Luxembourg ( Kalchesbrück )).

You are all warmly invited to come in great number to express your solidarity with the laid-off employees. We count on your presence and solidarity.

For those who had been present at our ceremony for the 100 years last Tuesday at the Cercle Cité, SOLIDARITY was the keyword of all the speeches. It’s up to us now to prove that SOLIDARITY still exists and will make us win the battle.

Many thanks to all of you