Once again, ALEBA is organising several training sessions this year that are specially designed for Personnel Representatives, Equality Delegates, and Health and Safety Delegates.

Here is the list of training sessions that we offer in cooperation with the Chambre des salariés. For the first time, several sessions will be given in English. We hope this programme will meet your expectations, and in particular will increase your skills and knowledge as you work to help and represent your colleagues.

The application form should be returned by e-mail before 10th March to alain.back@ing.lu or vera.antunes@aleba.lu.

Can we remind you that thanks to the reform of social dialogue (law of 23rd July 2015), since 1st January 2016 both full delegates and also alternate delegates can benefit from training leave. In fact, alternate delegates are entitled to one half of training hours of full delegates. As well, delegates elected for the first time are entitled to an additional 16 hours of training during the first year of their term.

 This is why the Executive Committee requests that you take at least three courses a year from now on.

The courses take place at the Chambre des salariés offices at 13, rue de Bragance, L-1255, Luxembourg. A snack (sandwiches and drinks) will be served.

For any additional information please contact Mr Alain BACK, the Executive Committee member in charge of training (+352 44 991 5540) or Mrs. Vera ANTUNES at the union office (+352 223 228 300).