Why the union fee will increase

Dear Delegates,

Dear Members,

First of all, I wanted to thank you once again for your massive, unanimous, and simply outstanding, confidence during the March social elections: thanks to your contribution, ALEBA remains once again the first and undisputed Union of the financial sector, on the ground of Banks, Insurance Companies and other sectors (nearly 700 Delegates!), but also the Chamber of Employees Luxembourg in Group 4 “Financial Services”.

Thanks to you, ALEBA keeps the legitimacy, the representativeness and the power to defend, without concession and in a strictly independent way, your rights and your individual or collective interests.

This extraordinary trust, we know that you have been giving it to ALEBA, for more than 100 years, because of its investment, its expertise and its quality work, both in terms of collective agreements and business negotiations, or managing your individual records.

This quality, this expertise, however, has a price. This is the reason why the Board of Directors of ALEBA had to decide the increase of the Membership monthly contribution from 1 November 2019 to 14.95 Eur per month.

The catastrophic evolution of the number of social plans, the acceleration of economic job losses, the increase of social problems (CEDIES) or tax issues, the worrying progression of the problematic resolution of individual files, the incomprehensible radicalization of employers’ positions (refusal to grant the 26th day of leave by the ABBL and the ACA for example), but also the evolution of our staff costs and external Legal fees, or our wish to reinforce the training of Staff Delegates, today require for ALEBA to be even better armed, and therefore to strengthen its financial means.

No need to remind you that only your contributions allow ALEBA to function: it is the price of our total political independence, the very one that allows us to act without pressure and without constraint.

I have no doubt that you will understand this decision, and I also remind you that your union dues remain one of the least expensive in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Nevertheless, if you have any questions, or proposals, my colleagues from the Executive Committee will, throughout the month of November, be at your disposal, by telephone, in your language:

– (FR) Laurent Tresch 44 99 58 89 laurent.tresch@ing.lu

– (DE/LU) Colette Weber 661 332 917 colette.weber@foyer.lu

– (EN) Roberto Mendolia 223 228-1 roberto.mendolia@aleba.lu

Sincere thanks again to all of you for your confidence.

Laurent MERTZ

General Secretary