Social plan at Hapoalim: Referral to the National Conciliation Office and organisation of a demonstration by ALEBA

In late November 2017, ALEBA announced a social plan at Banque Hapoalim, resulting in job losses for around 30 employees.

Today, ALEBA announced that the social plan negotiations had failed. “Despite all efforts made by the employee representative body and despite ALEBA’s readiness to find a respectable solution for all parties that is still fair for the employees, many of whom have service records of more than 30 years at the bank, Hapoalim has decided not to concede, to stick to its position, wanting to impose its ideas and conditions at all costs, and this is unacceptable for ALEBA,” stated Alessandra Giuliano, Head of Coordination at ALEBA, who is monitoring this difficult matter.

For example,” she went on, “Hapoalim refuses to release dismissed employees during their notice period. This is wholly inappropriate for employees who are often older, who have worked at the bank since it opened in Luxembourg, and for whom a return to the job market would obviously be much more complicated.

ALEBA stressed that it has become commonplace for employers to target, in a discriminatory fashion, workers who are over the age of 50 in the event of a social plan.

A first meeting before the Conciliator will be held on Thursday, 1 February 2018. ALEBA hopes that the latter will help Hapoalim’s management to see reason.

At the same time, ALEBA invites all employees in the financial sector, as well as all ALEBA representatives and members, to express their solidarity with the employees who have been dismissed and come out en masse to a demonstration in front of Banque Hapoalim on Monday, 5 February 2018 at 12:00 (7 Rue de la Chapelle, in L-1325 Luxembourg, not far away from Glacis Parking). There will then be a march to the Banque J. Safra Sarasin building (17-21 Bld Joseph II in L-1840 Luxembourg). The OGBL and LCGB unions will also be present.

“Some 30 employees currently find themselves in a truly critical situation and are forced to confront a management that refuses to face up to its social responsibility. They really need to feel the support of other employees in the sector. There will undoubtedly be other workers in a similar situation in the future. It is therefore crucial that we make a show of solidarity and this more than warrants taking a few minutes of your lunchbreak to stand alongside these employees, who are currently undergoing a great ordeal. And besides, we can only bring about change if we work together,” concluded Alessandra Giuliano. She reiterated that ALEBA is also present at D.A.S Luxembourg and Nordea, two companies also considering significant layoffs.


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