Social plan at Catella Bank: the lies of the Ogbl-Lcgb union

As the leading trade union in the Luxembourg financial centre, ALEBA would like to react to the multiple lies uttered by the Ogbl- Lcgb regarding the extension of the redundancy plan at Catella Bank S.A.

A unanimous request from the staff, for the extension of a plan supported by all employees.

As a reminder, ALEBA, the Ogbl and the Lcgb signed together in 2018 the social plan at Catella Bank S.A., which expired on 14 December 2020.

As this deadline approached, the  staff delegates and employees of Catella Bank S.A. unanimously requested, after an internal referendum, that the three unions sign a 24-month extension. The Ogbl-Lcgb opposed this, for incomprehensible reasons, and  at the end of the day it was ALEBA alone that finally signed this extension on Monday 7 December 2020, in the interest and at the request of the employees.

Fair treatment

The 13 employees and delegates still in post were indeed asking for this extension of the social plan, in full knowledge of the facts, rather than being dismissed individually.

They asked to have the same severance conditions as their colleagues, and ALEBA refused to go against the will of the employees.  As the Chairman of the Staff Delegation points out :

“The information communicated together by the Ogbl and the Lcgb on 11 December is not correct. The extension we just signed is exactly the same as the social plan signed by all the unions in 2018. So there is no loss nor degradation of employees’ rights. As President of the Delegation, I questioned the employees in a referendum and all of them, without exception, asked for the social plan to be extended in full knowledge of the facts.

If we had tried new negotiations with the management to  obtain additional benefits (as requested by the Ogbl-Lcgb and contrary to the initial request of the Staff Delegation) everything would have been refused outright and we would have lost all the rights relating to the first social plan. The same would have happened if the extension of the social plan had not been validated by the ALEBA in due time.

I also find it particularly unconscious, if not incorrect, to decide to refuse to sign “with a knife at the throat” on 23/11/2020 for the Ogbl and 26/11/2020 for the Lcgb when the social plan expired on 15/12/2020).

This is an inconceivable risk-taking to the detriment of the employees, which in my opinion is not the role of a trade union organisation.

Fortunately, ALEBA was there to advise and support us until the end of the process. Many thanks for their professionalism and support! »

On this basis – because for ALEBA the interest of the employees comes first – ALEBA supported the extension of the validity of this plan until 14 December 2022.

No deterioration of employees’ rights, compared to the initial social plan.

It is not market practice to give “early leavers” the benefit of the entire social plan. This is a lie from  the Ogbl-Lcgb.

Since Catella in 2018, several social plans have been signed with Ogbl-Lcgb (Clearstream, Swedbank, State Street, HSBC, RBC IS, ABLV and Öhman Bank) and this condition, although always requested, could never be included in the social plans, despite trade union’s demands.

It is therefore a lie to say that “this action sets a precedent, which will have harmful consequences for the entire financial sector”, as the Ogbl-Lcgb states. ALEBA refuses to accept this way of operating, which consists of scaring employees.

Having the courage of one’s opinions

As an experienced trade union organization since 1918, active every day in the field and sensitive to the real concerns of employees in the financial sector, ALEBA has once again taken up its responsibilities. The ALEBA rejects political manoeuvres that do not serve the interests of employees and even deform trade union power in the face of company management and trade union organizations,  and regrets the false claims of the Ogbl-Lcgb.