New CBA: message to our delegates

Dear Delegate,

An amendment to the CBA 2014-2016 for the year 2017, has been signed this 22nd of June 2017, between ALEBA and the minority unions OGBL-SBA and LCGB-SESF on one hand and the employer organization ABBL on the other.

For the record, last June 8th, 96,50% of the ALEBA delegates of the banking sector had decided to favor a temporary collective convention of one year, with a June prime but as well with a signature prime of 400 euro for all employees under convention.

A collective contract for 2017 is the constructive proposition which the common union front had made a few weeks earlier to the ABBL, to emerge from the tense and difficult situation the employer organization itself had put the whole sector whilst recommending in an absolutely incomprehensive and misplaced way, not to pay the June prime.

Finally a correct and honorable agreement which is in line with the expectations of the employees could be found for this year 2017.

Be assured that ALEBA, as the first union of the financial sector will continue from now on every day their commitment and engagement to put in place a new CBA 2018-2020 whilst participating in the labor of four working groups and in the inter-union group.

Although there is no doubt that the next collective convention has to be a simplified and modernized contract, it is out of questions it being a sell out, to give up the “Droits sociaux acquis”, to ignore the guaranties of evolution of the career, or to take lightly the maintaining of employments for example. This, ALEBA will not support.

We will of course commit ourselves to keep you informed as things go on, about the progress and evolution of all the tasks. Our teams are also available to answer all your questions in relation with the CBA 2017.

The german and englisch translations will soon be available on our internet site

Thank you very much for your confidence!

Laurent MERTZ                                   Roberto SCOLATI

General Secretary                                 President