Midday on Monday, 9 July 2018 saw the end of the period during which the Assembly of ALEBA Representatives was invited to reach a verdict on the new Collective Labour Agreement for Bank Employees, in accordance with ALEBA’s articles of association. The overwhelming majority of ALEBA Employee Representatives (97.1%) answered YES to the question put to them: “Do you support the agreement in principle regarding the new 2018–2020 collective labour agreement for bank employees? Representatives were informed of the main changes, based on the agreement in principle signed between the unions and ABBL at the end of May.

There are therefore no more obstacles preventing ALEBA from signing the new collective labour agreement for bank employees, which we are scheduled to do on the morning of Thursday, 12 July,” commented Gilles Steichen, Vice-President of ALEBA and chief negotiator for this new CCT. “As the first and largest union in the financial sector, we have spared no effort over the past 18 months in concluding an up-to-date, simplified and above all high-quality collective labour agreement with ABBL that is in line with both our legitimate trade union demands and current and future issues regarding employability on the financial market, which concerns all employees in the banking sector. I am delighted that we have managed to reach an agreement, and I would like to sincerely thank our Representatives for their huge support seen in the voting results.”

Laurent Mertz, Secretary General of ALEBA, added that “a similar consultation had taken place at the end of May regarding the Collective Insurance Agreement,” emphasising that “this type of consultation shows that ALEBA is a truly transparent and democratic trade union that understands the concerns of financial sector employees”.


Press release | Luxembourg, 9 July 2018


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