Nomination of Delphine NICOLAY, ALEBA’s Secretary General ad interim

ALEBA is pleased to announce the nomination of Delphine Nicolay as ALEBA’s Secretary General ad interim. Since June 2019, the last elections for the constitution of ALEBA’s Board of Directors, she was Vice-President and today, on the proposal of President Roberto Mendolia, Delphine Nicolay accepts the position of Secretary General ad interim.

Following the departure of Laurent Mertz at the end of March 2021, Roberto Mendolia was looking for a right-hand man to accompany him in the management of ALEBA and proposed the position to Delphine Nicolay.

“It is finally with great pleasure that I decided to accept to support Roberto Mendolia ad interim in the noble causes he defends, among others, this fight for union freedom and representativity, which does not only concern ALEBA, but also all employees in the country: the appointment with the renewal of collective agreements, still under discussion, remind us that we must remain certainly ambitious, but also vigilant and cautious, these qualities and ideas that we share with our President.

Delphine Nicolay, a French national living in Belgium, started working in private banking in France in 1996 and moved to Luxembourg in September 2000. From Schroders Investment Management Lux SA, she joined the Bank of New York Mellon in 2004 where she still works and is President of the Staff Delegation.

Her mandate as Secretary General of ALEBA takes effect immediately and for the rest of 2021.


Pressrelease of May, 21st, 2021.