New Covid Check measures, ALEBA, remains on its position and supports teleworking

New Covid Check measures, ALEBA, remains on its position and supports teleworking

Following the recent announcements which will make the implementation of CovidCheck 3G (vaccinated, cured, tested) an obligation for companies in Luxembourg, ALEBA recalls its position.

Our point of view has not changed: implementing CovidCheck in companies is certainly becoming mandatory, but we want it to be done without neglecting the interests of ALL employees: no one must be discriminated or stigmatized, so that an alternative work solution not violating fundamental rights and without health or operational risk, must be offered to each employee who cannot provide a valid covid check.

ALEBA wishes in particular that all concerned employees have free access to their workplace, be tested free of charge in the company and that they can in no case be dismissed.

In addition, ALEBA continues to support social distancing, barrier gestures and mask wearing, which, along with vaccination and teleworking, are among the proofed solutions to fight the spread of the virus. Therefore, the extension of the running fiscal and social agreements with our neighboring countries is just as essential.

As such ALEBA hopes that the governments of Luxembourg and border countries can change the laws as quickly as possible, so to allow non-residents to perform up to 2 days of telework per week without fiscal or social constraints. It is more than important to act in that direction for the well-being of all employees, to reduce the frustration of transport problems, to reduce the carbon footprint and to adapt to the new digital possibilities.

Many employees have teleworked for almost 2 years and thus allowed the ongoing operation of many companies in the country. Thus, the efficiency and flexibility of teleworking is well established and proofed.

ALEBA finally asks to meet Luxembourg government in order to establish viable regulations after the closing of the health crisis and counts on governments to set border agreements in line with societal challenges, as promoted through many speeches concerning Corporate Social Responsibility


Press release of 3 December 2021