Negotiations on the Bank CBA: significant progress achieved by ALEBA

On Wednesday March 31st, a new  Bank CBA negotiation meeting had been scheduled since 25 February between the ABBL, ALEBA, OGBL and LCGB. The purpose of this plenary was to clear up the various points of convergence obtained thanks to productive reflections during the last inter-trade union meeting between the 3 trade unions in the weeks preceding the meeting.

Surprisingly, ALEBA was forced to note that the other two unions in the sector were threatening not to show up unless they had a comprehensive common set of demands.

Given the advanced stage of the negotiations, ALEBA considers this approach unnecessary. The request of these two unions to postpone this meeting once again was not accepted by the ABBL. It was therefore with the strength of its convictions and its concern to make things  moving on, with the interests of employees in the financial sector as its main concern, that the ALEBA went to this meeting alone and was able to achieve new and important improvements from these negotiations, obviously subject to an overall agreement.

The various points of negotiation included:

  • an increase in the value of the Joint Committee, which will make possible to keep the CBA alive for the next three years,
  • details of the weighting of functions in the CBA
  • indexation of the amounts of on-call duty, clarification of the 26th day of leave,
  • €15 ind.100 increase in case of change of group,
  • or the obligation to negotiate a company agreement on social leave and regular teleworking

The sharing of ideas did not stop there, but also focused on more financial aspects:

  • an agreement in principle for a bonus for regular teleworkers, the amount of which, indexed, has yet to be defined,
  • the guaranteed wage increase of 1% for employees in the banking sector in 2022 and 2023
  • a wage increase of 1% also for the year 2021 for employees already in the 8-year cycle,
  • an overall budget for continuing education of 1.5% per year,
  • or a framework for sanctions in companies that will have to negotiate a disciplinary agreement with their staff delegations

The objective of these different points of convergence discussed between the ABBL and ALEBA is, in a very clear way, to stabilize the Place for the next 3 years in a period of crisis where the future, both near and far, remains unclear, not to say disturbed and difficult.

This stabilization would therefore be beneficial to each of the parties and above all, and this is the strength of the ALEBA, it would be reassuring in many respects for employees in the financial sector by guaranteeing them not only the gains negotiated in the past (loyalty bonus in June, 13th month, doubling of notice periods in the event of redundancy, etc.), but also new benefits that would provide them with stability and professional serenity at a time when everyone is in great need of them.