Members are also eligible for the following benefits:

  • Automatic membership of the ALEBA Healthcare Plan, which includes access to membership of the Caisse Médico-Complémentaire Mutualiste (,
  • Access to the ALEBA Social Fund for financial support in the event of serious illness, injury or disability,
  • Enhanced services from our partners:
    • Discounted subscription to “Luxembourg Air Rescue” (€45/yr/person vs €54 and €79/yr/family vs €97) and free assistance in a medical emergency for all (
    • Discounted subscription to Harmonie Mutuelle for French cross-border workers (,
    • Discounted rate (5%) with no qualification period for your subscription to Medicis health insurance with Foyer Assurances, for all (
    • Discounted rate (5%) for your subscription to DKV health insurance with LALUX Assurances (
  • Exceptional discounts from our “Shopping & Leisure” partners (/!\ from 01.01.2018 this service is unfortunately temporarily unavailable)
Contact us on 223 228 1, or fill in this  form and return it to the address indicated (no stamp required).