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ALEBA has been aware for some time now that representatives are increasingly being contacted by employee members dealing with psycho-social conditions, which are on the rise in the financial sector. 

The Social Department is therefore offering to look after these employees or even representatives who become ill at a certain point in their career.  Its mission consists in: 

  • actively listening to their problems; 
  • identifying the exact cause of the problem; 
  • approaching the person concerned from a human, social and legal point of view; 
  • monitoring this person’s social actions, if they so wish including the company’s representatives and representation, in order to make them aware of certain problems within their company that are causing ill-health, illness, stress, depression, harassment and burn-out. 

The purpose of this awareness-raising process is to warn the employees concerned about the dangers of these psycho-social illnesses by giving them the means, advice and strategy they need to remedy problems of this type. 

The result should be an improvement in the employee’s well-being, which in the long term will serve to motivate the employee more in his/her daily work. 

Employees are most likely to contribute to better results if they enjoy favourable working conditions, and the company will be the first to benefit. 

Social monitoring in relation to illness consists mainly of informing ill persons of their rights and obligations, not just from the legal point of view, and also help in dealing with the various occupational medicine stakeholders such as the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS), Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Pension (CNAP) (pre-retirement, temporary incapacity, etc.), Job Administration (internal and external reassignment), etc. 

It is by pursuing dialogue and working closely with ALEBA’s various departments such as Coordination and Communications that the Social Department is able to provide the maximum level of support and advice on strategies and solutions for difficult situations, whether human or relating to the work or the social situation of the employee or representative concerned.