Inter-union demands

Based on the results obtained in the survey on the new Collective Labour Agreement for the insurance sector, which was conducted in June and July (see Aleba Info #15 July-August), ALEBA has in recent months drawn up a package of demands that addresses the needs and expectations of employees in the sector.

Having met on an inter-union basis several times in recent months, the three financial-sector unions on 30 November 2017 gave notice of the termination of the Collective Labour Agreement for employees in the insurance sector, which ends on 31 December.

As always, their shared demands are both qualitative and quantitative. In brief, the three unions will jointly negotiate the following demands with the ACA:

  • a new article governing the tacit renewal of the former Collective Labour Agreement, notice of the termination of which was given during the renegotiation period;
  • greater protection for employees in the event of the sale, merger or acquisition of an insurance company;
  • bringing working hours into line with the new legislation on labour relations (working hours plan, “POT”);
  • serious negotiations regarding the implementation of a time savings account (“CET”);
  • a change in severance pay in the event of redundancy for personal or financial reasons;
  • proper management and a fair raise in the event of a change in job category;
  • an increase in the number of personal days;
  • alignment with the new legislation on extra days’ leave for the birth of a child;
  • a linear increase in salaries of 2%, 1.5% and 1.5% over the next three years;
  • a 10% increase in the “conjunctural bonus” (known as the “June bonus”)

Finally, the unions are together calling for penalties to be paid by insurance companies that do not respect the terms of the Collective Labour Agreement.