ALEBA will fight to restore trade union democracy!

Dear members,

I would like to address you about the decision taken by the Minister of Labor, Dan Kersch, to withdraw sectoral representativeness from ALEBA at the request of the two competing national unions and reassure you about the scope of this purely POLITICAL decision.


  • ALEBA is and remains the largest Union of the Financial Sector,
  • ALEBA continues to negotiate Collective Labour Agreements,
  • ALEBA is always at your side in Social Plans,
  • ALEBA and its Trade Union Office, its employees, its 700 Delegates, its lawyers and consultants remain your partners to help and advise you with your daily issues.
  • ALEBA continues to defend your rights and interests.

This is its ONLY mission and its ONLY duty as a union!

As you can understand, the significance of this decision is only symbolic for the moment.

We consider it an outrage against freedom of association.

Above all, it shows that we are disturbing, and that the political unions, in their hegemonic plans, will stop at nothing to try to weaken ALEBA in the long term, using laws that we consider unconstitutional. As a reminder, one day they court us, one day they seek to weaken us given our desire to remain independent. Because this is what we are:

ALEBA is financially and politically independent! We are proud of this and consider it our best guarantee of quality union work for employees in the sector.

Dear Members, do not hesitate to contact us to fully understand all the advantages you have of being an ALEBA Member or Delegate.

In the meantime, continue to take good care of yourself in this very complicated time.

Thanks to all of you.

Union greetings.

Roberto Mendolia,