ALEBA reviews monitoring procedures for employees on long-term sick leave

Several ALEBA members on long-term sick leave came to us claiming that they were subject to malpractice during medical checks in 2017.

Health problems cause enough stress and suffering as it is – and that’s without all the administrative hassle on top – which is why ALEBA recently got into contact with the National Health Fund (Caisse Nationale de Santé – CNS) and the Social Security Medical Inspectorate (Administration du Contrôle Médical de la Sécurité Sociale) to investigate.

Speaking for the CNS, Michel Goergen assured President Roberto Scolati and Secretary General Laurent Mertz that all of the procedures in place are designed to guarantee the equal and fair treatment of employees on sick leave.

Representing the Social Security Medical Inspectorate, which monitors employees on sick leave on behalf of the CNS, Chief Physician Gérard Holbach reassured Laurent Mertz that the same is true for his administration, adding that as health professionals, he expects the utmost professionalism and unbiased behaviour from his medical inspectors when carrying out check-ups and issuing diagnoses, without attempting to fill any quotas for the number of employees returning to work.

Roberto Scolati had this to say: “ALEBA is satisfied with the responses it has received, and has been reassured that proper procedures are in place for the checks that these two bodies are responsible for performing, both in terms of what they entail and how they are carried out.

However, ALEBA urges any employees who believe they have experienced malpractice, or who have any grievances over the way their case has been handled, to get into contact so that an individual complaint can be lodged if necessary.

Press contacts:

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Sandra Carvalho, Head of Communications & Strategy ( / +352 671 223 228)