The May 2015 edition of ALEBA Info (#3) is out now !

AI3The May 2015 edition of ALEBA Info (#3) is out now, available in French (2015 05 AI3 FR), German (2015 05 AI3 DE) and English (2015 05 AI3 EN) on our website

This month’s newsletter covers International Women’s Day. We took the opportunity to speak with Martine Birmann, a member of ALEBA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

You can also read our practical guide, which this month looks at what happens if your employer terminates your employment contract. Michaël Federici, head of ALEBA’s legal department, tells you all you need to know about dismissal and redundancy.

Our page on local information will also consider financial industry representations, looking more specifically at ALEBA’s awareness-raising campaign at RBC in Esch-Belval. In this regard, please let us know about your local work, which we will be happy to publish in a future edition of ALEBA Info, and/or send us a presentation on your company’s ALEBA section for the “Sections” page of our website. Laurent Mertz, Secretary General and responsible for Communications, is on hand for either ([email protected] or 4797 2744).

Thank you all for your hard work and trust. I hope you enjoy reading!