ALEBA negotiating a social plan for KBC Asset Management employees

ALEBA has been informed that KBC Asset Management plans to cease its activity in Luxembourg, and that it will proceed to the collective dismissal of all its employees during the year 2020.

Since this terrible announcement, ALEBA is of course in permanent contact with the Staff Delegation, making sure to bring its technical expertise as well as its moral and union support, in particularly difficult social circumstances. Meetings have started with the Management, with ALEBA as the clear and displayed objective to negotiate the best conditions for the departure of 20 loyal employees, most of whom have a long career in the KBC Group, who will unfortunately lose their jobs .

The decision to close KBC Asset Management in Luxembourg appears to be the result of an international restructuring plan initiated by the KBC parent company from Belgium.

ALEBA recalls that she’s also negotiating, in addition to KBC Asset Management, social plans with RBC and ABLV: in total nearly 300 employees will lose their jobs in the coming months.

Press release, November 21th 2019.

copyright photo: L’Echo

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