ALEBA calls for strict respect of preventive measures

While we have witnessed in recent weeks a worrying increase in contamination, announcing a possible second wave, ALEBA, the leading union in the financial sector, calls on all employees in the sector to scrupulously respect the rules, processes and frameworks put in place by companies to fight the COVID-19 epidemic.

“Our Staff Delegates, and in particular our Safety and Health Delegates, have ensured that in each bank, each insurance company, each financial sector company, adequate sanitary measures have been put in place, in order to guarantee the safety of everyone. Today it is essential, even vital, that everyone comply with it, to protect themselves but also to protect others, “said Laurent Mertz, Secretary General of ALEBA. “In particular, the wearing of a mask must be strictly observed, when traveling within the company, or below a distance of two meters”.

Concretely wearing a mask, or similar protection, is mandatory in Luxembourg when the distance of 2m cannot be maintained, in public transport and in places that are open to the public. The mask allows you to protect yourself and others, just like other preventive measures: regularly and properly hand wash, avoid touching your face with your hands, avoid shaking hands, cough or sneeze into the crease of the elbow or in a tissue.

Laurent Mertz reminds that in companies social distancing must remain the first rule “and that for this reason it is today impossible to bring all employees back on site. Between 30 and 50% are back, depending on the size of the company, either permanently or in a rotation system, and we have to stay within these limits for the time being, for everyone’s safety. ”

ALEBA also asks employees in the financial sector, “whatever the rules in force in their country of residence”, to act with prudence and discernment in their private life, especially in this period of holidays to come. “The holidays are generally conducive to relaxation, but this year we must be vigilant” says Laurent Mertz. “Corporate efforts only make sense if they are continued in the private sphere. There is no vacation for preventive measures!”

For Roberto Mendolia, President of ALEBA, “Employees in the financial sector have shown how flexible and resilient they can be. Thanks to them, almost entirely in telework since mid-March, the financial sector has continued to run since the start of the health crisis. Companies will have to remember that when all of this will be behind us. More generally, this new employability, telework, which we have supported for years against companies that often did not believe in it, must now be properly and validly framed. The 2016 Convention is a basis, but on the ALEBA side we want to go further. The Collective Labor Agreements of Banks and Insurance Companies, which we will be renegotiating at the end of the year, are the ideal receptacles for defining and materializing a context which will have to be win-win. This is a very clear message to ABBL and ACA: telework will be at the heart of the negotiations. ”

For several years, ALEBA has been committed in recent years to a better balance in PRIVATE LIFE vs. WORK LIFE, by asking to institute part-time work as a right, better respect of the legislation on working time and the introduction of a right to disconnect, by supporting all initiatives aimed at new employability (telework, remote work, flexible working hours) and age management in companies, by strengthening the right to parental leave and to leave without balance or by institutionalizing the donations of leave for seriously ill children or caregivers. “It is today that we must prepare for this different world of tomorrow to which many aspire now, and ALEBA wants to be the essential actor of change in the financial sector” concludes Roberto Mendolia, not without recalling the proposal of the ‘ALEBA to recognize as working time the practice of a sport during working hours.

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