International Wellness Day

On the occasion of the International Wellness Day celebrated on the second Saturday of June since 2012, ALEBA‘s Wellness and Health Commission took a look at the mental health status of employees after long months of health crisis and Work from Home.

The goals of this Global Wellness Day are: to recognize the value of our lives; to pause and reflect, even if it’s only for one day of the year; to be free from the stresses of daily life and bad habits; to make peace with ourselves; to raise awareness of living well and increase motivation, not just for today, but for the remaining 364 days of the year.

ALEBA notes the importance, given the hours we spend at work, of applying the same thinking and making our working/teleworking conditions as healthy as possible in order to preserve the health and well-being of the employee.

Indeed, well-being and quality of life at work are major concerns in today’s society. Personal fulfillment is a key issue in the lives of workers, who increasingly want to reconcile work, independence and pleasure, and a better balance between private and professional life.

According to a STATEC study published in 2020 and addressing well-being and health at work, the level of well-being at work has significantly decreased in 2020 and thus continues its downward trend of 8% since 2016. The trend in the assessment of work-life conflict outside of work continues again in 2020 and reaches a new high with a score 35% higher than in 2014. STATEC concludes that:

“The health crisis has strongly influenced the evaluation of the overall quality of work, not only because of the health risks, but also and especially because of the emotional stress this situation causes. It has also had a negative impact on psychosocial aspects of work that are conducive to health, such as cooperation between colleagues, co-decision and autonomy in the workplace, as well as aspects of job quality such as training opportunities, income satisfaction, work-life balance and job security. The result is a decrease in overall well-being, an increased risk of burnout and, at the same time, lower job satisfaction and motivation. “

Based on this observation, the ALEBA Health and Well-Being Commission, concerned about the well-being of its members and delegates, has written a small booklet of good practices to be implemented for a better life at work, in telework !

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Enjoy reading it, Happy International Wellness Day and above all… Take care of yourself! And that doesn’t stop at physical well-being; it includes mental, emotional and spiritual health too!