Unrivalled experience since 1918

ALEBA has been playing an important social and unionist role in the country since 1918, building its experience over time. It has often been pioneering in conducting negotiations for collective employment contracts, establishing their content and protecting employees who fall victim to massive redundancies. As a result of ALEBA’s commitment and professionalism, many workers hit by large-scale layoffs due to restructuring or for financial reasons have obtained benefits well beyond those provided for by law or in other bargaining agreements.


Quality service

Our staff are professionals who carefully listen to ALEBA’s members and representatives. All of our departments, with Legal and Coordination entities in particular, work hard to answer questions and address issues related to labour law, social legislation and collective bargaining agreements as quickly as possible. Naturally, legal assistance is free of charge for members. Where necessary, we can also call on the support of reliable and experienced external lawyers.


Political and financial independence

ALEBA is a neutral union that comes under no political pressure whatsoever. It ensures complete independence through its funding, which is entirely raised from membership dues.


Promotes solidarity

By joining, you strengthen ALEBA and help increase the union’s sway before employers.


Advantages for members

ALEBA has established numerous partnerships in different sectors. Our members and their families enjoy favourable terms and some really attractive discounts. Learn more about these advantages now!


One of the lowest union fees in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

For just €14.95 a month, you can access the services of a powerful, experienced union that always listens to its members.