Internet and social networks: an essential presence!

Providing clear and concise information to the 10,000 or so ALEBA members and employees of the financial centre is the mission of the website.

Regardless of the language you speak (French, German or English), you will find the latest information on our trade union activities, but also our positions on current issues.  But that’s not all. Whether you are a member, a delegate or are interested in becoming one, the ‘member services’ and ‘delegate services’ sections are for you! Thanks to accurate information summarized by our team of legal experts, all your questions should be answered.

But that’s not all.  For a few years now you can also follow us via our Facebook (@syndicatALEBA) and LinkedIn (ALEBA – 1st Trade Union of the Financial Sector) pages.  This presence on social networks is a clear response to your request, and we make sure that our pages are regularly updated, including the presence of ALEBA in the national press.

Do you like our publications, and would you like to pass on these messages and information to those around you?  It’s very important for us too, so don’t hesitate any longer: like, comment, share with your friends, acquaintances and colleagues.   By doing so, you will increase our digital visibility and help us in our daily fight to preserve your assets, rights and interests, as well as those of all employees in the financial centre.

ALEBA, preserving your future.