Inès Benaldjia : « It is important to me that my work has a positive impact on society.”»

Graduated from a master of European and international studies in Nancy, Ines joined the ALEBA team in March 2022, as a communication manager.

She is specialized in digital communication and has a degree in digital project creation as well as a D.U.T in documentation.

Attentive to collective needs, Inès has been involved in various volunteer missions. Joining ALEBA was the perfect opportunity for her to align her personal values with her work:

“I gained an awareness of  workers’ rights at a very young age. I immediately loved the opportunity to work concretely in my turn, with a close-knit team, in my chosen field. It is important to me that my work has a positive impact on society.”

Passionate about novels and comic books, Inès also enjoys history, art and drawing.

Like the rest of the ALEBA team, she currently works primarily from home, but can be reached from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm by phone or email at

She works closely with Sandra Carvalho in the Communication Department, which reports directly to Jean-Jacques RIEFF, ALEBA’s Vice-President.