The law framing the tripartite agreement was passed this Wednesday, June 15, 2022. The decision is final: the next wage indexation will be firmly postponed to April 2023, despite strong union opposition.
In a context of galloping inflation, speculation and insecurity, ALEBA maintains that in order to fight against the decline in purchasing power, the initiative of the energy tax credit (CIE) and other measures to help households cope with the explosion of prices remain insufficient, as unique and temporary, as well as largely questionable in principle. These temporary measures cannot be sustained and therefore cannot compensate for growing inflation in a permanent way.

ALEBA maintains that wage indexation should never be blocked.

A reform of the index to stagger it by income brackets should therefore take place, rather than any initiative to replace wage indexation with temporary social measures, which are still paid by the taxpayer at the end of the chain.

The employer’s dream becomes reality: the automatic increase of the employees’ wages no longer belongs to the employer, but is socialized through state subsidies, while the profits can remain private to them…

To learn how these measures impact you, check out ALEBA’s infographic on the tax credit by clicking here.


Roberto MENDOLIA – President

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