ALEBA’s Executive Committee comprises 11 members elected for a 5-year term at the Delegates’ Meeting of 18 June 2019.

Unlike the other unions, ALEBA does not employ its Executive Committee directly: they continue working for their financial sector employers, where they also fulfil their role as employee representatives on a part- or full-time basis. This enables Executive Committee members to have a good understanding of the realities of life for financial sector employees.

In particular, the Executive Committee’s tasks includes managing day-to-day business, representing ALEBA, running the Union Office and implementing the Management Committee’s decisions. The Executive Committee meets every Wednesday morning at ALEBA’s offices in avenue Monterey.

  • Roberto MENDOLIA President


  • Delphine NICOLAY Vice-President

    Bank Of New York Mellon

  • Gilles STEICHEN Vice-President

    State Street

  • Frédéric ROVEDA Vice-President


  • Roland CHRISTNACH Vice-President

    Lalux Assurances

  • Laurent MERTZ General Secretary

    KBL epb

  • Alain BACK Treasurer


  • Josiane KREMER Member


  • Marc TERZER Member


  • Laurent TRESCH Member


  • Colette WEBER Member

    Foyer Assurances