At the beginning of this year, the ALEBA team is growing with the arrival of Charlotte Fossoul, psychologist, who joins the Coordination team!

photo Charlotte Fossoul ALEBA syndicat place financière

Charlotte Fossoul joined ALEBA in early 2021.

Native from Liège in Belgium, Charlotte Fossoul, 33 years old, is since January 5th an additional contact within the ALEBA Coordination team. 

Holder of a Master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of Liège, she is specialized in parenting, after having working for eight years in an association whose aim is to maintain the link between children and their detained parents. She has worked in the prisons of Lantin, Andenne and Namur “not only with fathers but also with mothers detained with their babies”, she says.  But also as a freelancer for a multidisciplinary center in the Liège center.

Being already a union member and having faced many difficulties in the field, Charlotte decided to join ALEBA so that her experience could be of use to “other workers in need”.

“The imposed telework and the uncertainty that reigns in both society and companies in this period of crisis are a source of trouble, questions and doubts for more and more employees: at ALEBA we consider that our role is also to listen to them, support them and help them”, she says.

By joining ALEBA, Charlotte wants to share “my motivation, my optimism and my enthusiasm”  with the people who cross my path”.  Over the last few years, and especially in 2019 with the COVID crisis, she has discovered skills and real motivation in everything related to project creation, development of ideas and procedures, coaching and team building. “When I’m launched, I’m said to be a real driving force, very dynamic, unifying and always with a smile,” she says. Charlotte is particularly attached to work-life balance and well-being in the workplace, which are essential issues for the ALEBA, which had placed them at the center of its 2019 electoral platform.

Mother of two children, soon to be 3 and 5 years old, whom she loves above all else, the young woman enjoys gastronomy, wine, baking, travelling, cats and photography. She has been playing volleyball for 12 years in the championship and in 2020 she joined a hockey team in Liège in the “Gents and Ladies” category.

Like the whole ALEBA team, Charlotte will currently work mainly from home, but can be reached from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm via 223 228 1, or by email at

She will team up with Sandra Carvalho in the Coordination department, which is mainly in charge of relations with the Delegations and Personnel Delegates, under the direct responsibility of Roberto Mendolia, President of ALEBA.