Eddy Girardi, listening and empathy at the service of members

ALEBA continues its series of portraits of the members of the board. Today, it is Eddy Girardi’s turn to introduce himself.

As a member or delegate, you may have already crossed his path. Eddy Girardi, in his 59th year, is one of the coordinators of ALEBA. Before joining ALEBA, the French-Luxembourgish man worked for 33 years in the banking sector in Luxembourg, and was himself a staff delegate on several occasions. He joined his first bank in March 1985. “I started in accounting from scratch,” he says. Always willing to learn more, he attended evening classes for three years, in addition to his work. This apprenticeship allowed him to develop his skills. From accountant to Compliance Officer, he became head of general services in a large international financial group.

Driven by his desire to discover another profession and broaden his skills, Eddy moved into Human Resources at another international bank in 2004. “I had wanted to work there for a long time,” he says. For more than 13 years, he exercised his know-how in the field of “HR Administration & Payroll”.

In 2018, an opportunity arose for him to join the ALEBA Coordination team. “I took it because I wanted to leave the financial sector behind and see something else,” he says. He felt the job was a perfect fit. Joining ALEBA was, he says, a way of thanking it for the help it had given him in the past. Indeed, during his career, Eddy has also experienced difficulties. Having gone through these trials gives him the strength and the right words to reassure members who are going through a very difficult time.

For him, a coordinator provides “an interface between members who contact ALEBA and the legal department”. He believes that, in addition to his ability to listen, he can provide members with advice and assistance. Moreover, “the members regularly send me messages of thanks“, which warms his heart. From his job, he likes the human contact as well as the good working atmosphere that reigns in “the little ALEBA family”.

A musician at heart, Eddy says he has a passion for photography, cinema and theatre, but his wife and children remain the focus of all his attention.

Like most of the ALEBA team, he currently works from home. He can be reached from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm via (+352) 223 228 302, or by email at eddy.girardi@aleba.lu