Social dialogue in danger: ALEBA shows solidarity with national trade unions

As the greatest union in the financial sector, ALEBA wishes to show its 100% solidarity with national trade union organizations in their fight “against the employers’ boycott of the social dialogue” at the level of the CPTE.

This employers’ position is indeed not acceptable, and is completely out of step with the historical grand-ducal social model. Worse, it opens the door to the social conflicts, since the employers refuse discussion or negotiation. It is therefore natural that ALEBA supports national unions in this cause, recalling that ALEBA is also confronted, in the financial sector where she has the majority, with brutal and unilateral or even illegal employer decisions (the 26th day off which is still not granted to all the employees concerned, for example) and condemns this lack of dialogue on the part of employers.

Several times in the past, ALEBA had also proposed to join the Standing Committee on Labor and Employment (CPTE). The challenges and issues of the financial sector and the needs of its employees are often different from those of other sectors: it was therefore logical for ALEBA to be able to represent and defend them at CPTE. ALEBA therefore calls once again to integrate the tripartite, to ensure the representativeness and defense of the interests of employees of the financial sector, pillar of the Luxembourg economy.

“Unfortunately, we deplore the same tendency to deny social obligations in the financial sector by some employers’ representatives, who moreover are reluctant to hold the responsibilities and commitments negotiated by and with them! Obviously, the goal is to muzzle unions and the government. As far as we are concerned, it is out of the question to let ourselves be!”, says Roberto Mendolia, President of ALEBA.

Press release, November 8th, 2019.