Badly placed public holidays nevertheless compensated for

Most public holidays will fall on weekends this year. If there will be few long weekends, you will certainly be entitled to a day off in compensation, as provided by law.

Will the year 2021 give us the opportunity to rest a little more? The answer is no. If you intended to  enjoy extended weekends, you will not be able to do so because several public holidays will fall  on a weekend. This is the case with the very first of them, May 1st, a working day that will fall on a Saturday. Europe Day, on May 9th, will be a Sunday, as well as Assumption Day (15 August).

The end of year celebrations offer a different configuration. As an insurance employee, you will not work on Friday December 24, nor on the 25th (Christmas) and 26th (Saint-Etienne’s Day), which will fall on a Saturday and a Sunday. If you are a bank employee, you will not work on the afternoon of  December 24.

However, there are some good news. The Easter weekend will offer you Friday 2 (Good Friday), Saturday 3, Sunday 4 and Monday April 5th. On May 13th, it will be Ascension Thursday. Monday 24 May (Whit Monday) will also be a holiday. Another non-working start of the week is All Saints’ Day on 1 November.  The last important non-working day in the Grand Duchy is the  National holiday. Scheduled for Wednesday 23rd June, it will perhaps encourage some people to take one or two days off before or after it is held.

Contrary to what one might think, a holiday falling on a Saturday or Sunday is not lost. As indicated in Articles L.232-3 and L.232-6 of the Labour Code, legal holidays falling on a Sunday or a working day on which the employee would not have worked according to the stipulations of his employment contract give right to a compensatory rest day to be taken in the 3 months following the holiday in question.

This means that instead of having 26 statutory holidays, you will have 31 for 2021.