Family allowances for all cross-border children

Another discrimination lifted in favor of cross-border workers!

Since August 2016, family allowances had been abolished for children in a home who were not related to the cross-boarder worker. For example, children from a first union of one of the spouses.

In a judgment dated April 2, 2020, the European Court of Justice (CJEU) has just ruled in favor of these cross-border workers by making two statements:

  1. a family allowance is a social advantage which must benefit all cross-boarder workers and
  2. no difference is made between children in a blended family. All children are entitled to family allowances, even if there is no parentage with the Employee.

ALEBA and its lawyer obviously welcome this CJEU ruling, given that Members were awaiting a decision. The lawyer of the CAE will be contacted soon in order to regularize the situation of these Members, and that they can receive their family allowances, canceled since August 2016.