Demonstration STOPPT DE KRICH! – Call for ALEBA members

ALEBA calls on all its members to participate in an anti-war demonstration tomorrow Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 3:00 pm, at Place Clairefontaine in Luxembourg. We invite you to meet at ALEBA (29, avenue Monterey in Luxembourg) tomorrow, Saturday, at 2:15 pm and to receive a yellow ALEBA K-Way. Around 2:45 pm we will walk all together to Place Clairefontaine. Despite the very late notice, we hope seeing many of you tomorrow. Our initiative and our messages are:
  • We are against any form of violence, any war, even more when it seems to be the result of escalations and political interests, and we will support any initiative for peace and dialogue between the parties.
  • We sincerely hope that all verbal political escalation stops everywhere in the world, and we wish an immediate ceasefire in order to resume a constructive dialogue without any new victims.
  • We praise and seek to support any humanitarian initiative aimed at helping collateral victims and civilians, on any side for that matter.
Thanks in advance to everyone!