D.A.S. Luxemburg announces the loss of around 15 jobs

ALEBA will negotiate the social plan

With negotiations still ongoing for the social plan at Banque Hapoalim, ALEBA this morning announced a new social plan in the financial sector.

D.A.S. Luxemburg, a specialist in legal protection insurance for over 40 years located in Strassen, has announced its intention to make 15 of its employees redundant.

Once again we are mobilising our teams (Legal, Coordination and Social) to help these employees who are losing their jobs for economic reasons. These employees have performed well and made a loyal contribution to creating value for D.A.S. Luxemburg, some of them for over 25 years. Their employer’s social responsibility today is thus to accept the implementation of a top-quality social plan,” stated Secretary General Laurent Mertz. “This is even more important given that the insurance sector in Luxembourg is in very good shape,” he added.

As the largest union in the financial sector, ALEBA is committed to negotiating adequate leaving terms and, in particular, a substantial outplacement package for the employees affected.

In 2017 we negotiated five social plans (including Banque Hapoalim) affecting around 200 employees. 2018 has only just started and we are already faced with a new plan! This is incomprehensible while employers in the financial sector are showing good and sometimes excellent earnings. Put another way, it’s rather simple: boosting profits takes priority, whatever the human cost involved,” said Laurent Mertz regretfully. “Of course, the financial sector has to innovate and find solutions to meet the technological and regulatory challenges facing it. But my impression is that, currently, companies often resort to cutting jobs as a quick and easy solution to reduce costs and remain competitive, and this is not the right way to tackle the sector’s issues. We need more forward planning and, above all, investment in developing employees’ skillsets.

ALEBA is preparing to negotiate a new Collective Labour Agreement for the Insurance Sector.


Press contacts:

Laurent Mertz, Secrétaire Général (laurent.mertz@kbl-bank.com / +352 621 232 295)

Sandra Carvalho, Head of Communications & Strategy (sandra.carvalho@aleba.lu / +352 671 223 228)