CovidCheck in companies – ALEBA strengthens its position

CovidCheck in companies – ALEBA strengthens its position

ALEBA regrets not having been invited to the negotiating table along with the other national unions, although it is the main trade union representative of the financial sector, one of the major pillars of the Luxembourg economy.

This is why we reiterate our position: 

ALEBA suggests to companies once again to favour teleworking as an alternative, and to take in charge the tests of non-vaccinated employees whose presence on site proves necessary. All this in order to avoid any discrimination, to keep social peace within the company and to ensure fair treatment between all employees. The current health measures (barrier gestures, social distancing, wearing a mask, etc.), as well as the self-testing of each and every individual employee, must however remain in place in all companies.

The extension of the tax agreements has just been signed between Luxembourg and Germany. We are confident that a similar arrangement will be found with our Belgian and French neighbours before the end of the month, thus guaranteeing the continuity of telework with no consequence for cross-border employees and residents during this pandemic period.


Press release of 07 December 2021